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At Zaeeqs Group we manufacture and supply high quality, strong, reliable trailers that meet our valued customer's requirements.

With industry experience since 2012, we believe in going above and beyond average, to ensure that we deliver quality products first time, everytime.

We are an NRCS/SABS Approved Manufacturer.

Our Product Range Includes:

Food/Mobile Trailers

Mobile Chillers /Cold Rooms

Utility Trailers

Golf Cart Trailers

MX Trailers

Featured Products:

Golf Cart Trailers

2.8 Lengthx 1.5 Wide, 950kg Axle,5 Leaf Spring Blades,13 Inch Rim & Tyres,Coupler,Jockey Wheel, Free Sparewheel... at R13950

Mx Trailers: (Load Capability x 3 Mx Bikes)

2.4 Length x 1.5 Wide, 950kg Axle,5 Leaf Spring Blades,13 Inch Rim & Tyres,Coupler,Jockey Wheel, Free Sparewheel...at R13950

*Collection available at Zaeeqs Group, 105 Nagington Road , Unit 12b Germiston Wadeville 0734936011, or Josca Auto Spares 106 Tom Jones Street , Farramere Benoni (011) 849-0849. To avoid disappointment, kindly contact us on stock availability.

Workshop Exclusives:

Light Duty Cattle Trailers:

2.6 Length x 1.8 Wide x1.7 Height, Double Drawbar...at R27500

3.0 Length x 1.8Wide, 1.7 Height Height...at R29500

*Free Sparewheel

Food Trailers/Mobile Kitchens

(Fitted with Industrial Catering Equipment)

Available in 5 different sizes:

Entry (2.4 x 1.5) at R29500, Equipped with water bottle, sink, 3 burner meat griller, double boiling table.

Standard Range:

Small (2.4 x 1.8) at R33500, Medium (2.6 x1.8) at R35500, Large (3.0 x 1.8) at R38500, Extra Large (3.6 x1.8) at R40500,

Fully Equipped with: Water Bottle, Sink, Meat Griller, Chip Fryer, Gas Burner Table and Chaffing Dishes.Includes gas installation + compliance certificate and registration documents.

We also customise to meet your specific requirements.

Ready to start cooking?

Going above and beyond average first time, every time!